Skwair is a fusion of a consultancy, digitally-focused agency, and educator.
These functions are expressed through our core principles of Imagine, Invent, and Inspire™
   IMAGINE - Develop the strategies required to achieve the pinnacle of your success.
   INVENT - Build the creative to effectively communicate with your customers: social media, apps, websites...
   INSPIRE - Motivate and educate your team to produce outstanding work.

Skwair Logo

Skwair Logo Origins

Our logo is based on the Golden Rectangle. Artists and architects have followed this, believing that the proportions are aesthetically pleasing.

Skwair Text


Skwair is how the dictionary expresses the pronunciation of the word square.

How the Square Inspires Our Values

Process Efficiency

To "square" is to multiply a quantity by itself. We will "square" you by providing insights about your brand to drive you to exponential growth.

Knowledge Sharing

The Square is where the community traditionally meets to exchange news and ideas. We believe in sharing our knowledge and connections.

Incorporating Fun

Many games include squares as elements. Fun is an essential tool for discerning truth and creativity. We all need to enjoy what we do every day.


Being "square" with someone means you're direct. And that's how we will communicate with you. Never any design or tech speak here.